You are not still using Blockbuster are you?

Seriously, you have to stop. They are evil, frankly. I stopped using them about three years ago when I discovered Netflix. Netflix is superior for many reasons, chief amongst them is the idea of no late fees. Another is the idea that the whole thing transpires by mail. You get your DVD rentals in the mail, and the same envelope acts as your return… postage included. Mostly I am frustrated because my staff broke down today and used. Blockbuster for a rental. They found a three year old ‘extended viewing fee’ (which is bullshit speak for late charges) and proceeded to hold up the 20 people behind me while they figured out how to handle and process it. $4.62 because I returned a movie an hour late, three years ago. Way to hold a grudge, guys. Speaking of grudges, because I am that petty, it is my goal not just to not use Blockbuster… but to stop you from using them too.

By the way, there are other folks in the online mail rental business. Wal Mart for one also offers this, but does Wal Mart really need anymore of our money? My staff noticed someting else today at Blockbuster. They are all involved in censorship too.


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