Welcome to my world

Welcome to my views. What will follow will be far from either fair or balanced. You will get to take a very funny adventure through my perspective on things. Big hint here, I don’t like Republicans and they will rarely if ever be given a fair shake here. Here are some themes that might develop over time: Conservatives are bad , rock and roll is good. I recommend if you want something smart and insightful you jump to Roy’s blog. If you want funny and vindictive, this may be your place.

All the links to the left are liberal tested and Lo noapproved. Please have fun and leave some comments behind. Our staff is trained to handle levels of sarcasm and wit unparralleled in your life.

Know that our tagline ‘more about me, less about you’ is an homage to my wonderful brother Johnny. He should received credit for that one, as it is clear narcissism runs deep in our blood.


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