a good smackin’

Well, a study came out that says Prozac is helpful in treating teenage depression. We also know that Ritalin is helpful in treating ADD in kids. You know what we called kids with ADD when I was young? A spaz! You know how you ‘treat’ a spaz? A good smackin’! Trust me, that will calm a kid down quicker than all these narcotics you’re feeding them. As for depressed teenagers? Yup, you guessed it… a good smackin’!***

Besides, after feeding enthusiastic kids Ritalin for 10 years you know what you get? You get a desensitized teenager. That might look a lot like depression, because you have fried his synapsis and crushed all his natural emotions. I was a spaz, they called me motor-mouth. I was a depressed teenager too. No ritalin, no prozac for me… just plenty of smackin’ all around.

Look at me, I turned out fine

*** for the record, I would never advocate hitting a child for ANY reason.  A teenager, however – hit them daily****

*****   Jesus, it’s hyperbole.  I don’t even have kids to hit.  The court took them all away.


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