Friday Fives

1. Favorite cereal and why?
Cookie Crisp – the reason, because it is a rule breaker (like me)! Everyone knows you just do not have cookies for breakfast… it is stupid. So, eating Cookie Crisp is like tellin’ the Man to shove it! It is about power to the people, and freedom of expression. So go eat your Cheerios, you robots… I ain’t selling out!

2. What is the best thing about summer?
Not having to think about what to wear for the day when I get up, and plan for the various weather and wind scenarios you may encounter over the next 12 hours.

3. Would you rather have a slurpee or a milkshake?
Milkshake! I mean, it’s got ice cream in it… it’s a no brainer.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
night owl – haven’t even been able to shake it. For example, it is 3:12 am right now. I drove for 12 hours today (well, we split it between two of us) and I should be able to sleep for days. Instead, I am down here in the basement talking to you losers. Being a night owl was great when I was 18. However, at 32… it just gets in the way of things. Go ahead, call me before 11 am tomorrow… the ringer will be off, suckah!

5. Remember the scene with Molly Ringwald putting lipstick on by holding it in her cleavage? “Name one really bizarre thing you know how to do. No matter how small.”
I have no cool secrets, is that what you wanted to hear? If I had hidden talents, would I be in the basement talking to you guys? Sorry, it’s late and I need sleep.

our Fives were provided as always by Roy. Click on comments below and leave us your answers.

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