The end of internet explorer?

I have had it with Microsoft Explorer! I have been a faithful clicker for at least seven years, and have always defended Bill Gates. I am tired of the security flaws in Explorer. I have been hearing more and more and more about it in the last few months, because it is way worse. Apparently a four year old could harvest the credit card numbers stored in my machine through Explorer. While I was away on my fabled two week road trip (oooh, I have pictures… just like I promised – Click here) I came back to my computer urging me to immediately download 4 critical updates for Explorer. This is ridiculous and totally unacceptable, especially if you consider the amount of porn and fraudulent social security numbers I keep on this system.

So I finally took Roy’s advice and made the leap to Mozilla. Apparently they are some kind of opensource linux thing. Guess what, I don’t understand a single word of that last sentence either… but I sounded credible didn’t I? Most importantly, it was free. So going forward this will be my new system unless you hear otherwise from me. I understand it is an awesome system that is very user friendly. The best part for me is that it imported all of my (porn) cookies and (porn) bookmarks to the new browser. Visually, it looks pretty similar… it is just that this one works.

oooh, oooh, oooh… I just thought up a rad analogy. Explorer is like an American car. You want to buy American, you want to support American, but you know American cars are for shit. So, feeling guilty, you do what every smart person does and buy a jap car. It is barebones, and will probably run forever.


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