Speaking as a consumer


I am the ground zero of product relationship and advertising. Ever since I began testing and tasting beer for Coors about 8 years ago, I have been in the market research business. About four to six times a year I get called by various market research firms based here in Colorado to test and taste and look and guess about upcoming market trends. I get between $50 to $100 an hour, so it ain’t bad work.

In this month’s Wired Magazine (sorry, this piece isn’t online or I would hook you up) there was a piece about the ‘Death of Brands’. The premise was that as consumers we are more concerned about getting a good price more than anything. Apparently in the old days, people were more brand conscious. Now, we want the best price. This has even had a negative affect on brands who price parallel to the generics… because they are still losing ground. How? I’ll tell you my own experience. When I go to the store, I am so conditioned on the store brand being a better deal that I often don’t even check the price difference… I just grab the generic house brand. What this means is that the name brand could be cheaper and I wouldn’t even notice.

So now that I am a quasi market specialist on price points and marketing technique… what do I have to share with you, my lowly reader? I’ll tell you what we really have to fight for in the long run, because I believe everyone will be price competitive in the end. I will spend my hard earned money on a grocery store or restaurant who buys nice toilet paper! I am tired of my ass being treated as a third class citizen! Listen, I don’t want to shit in your place of business, no more than you want me shitting there… it certainly wasn’t my plan. However, if you buy that sandpaper industrial ass chafe paper… it gives me insight as to how you really treat your employees and customers.


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