Ah, the power of the internet

See that silly post right below this? I was going to erase it, but thought you might enjoy the story behind it. Last night I was sitting with my brother in law having beers. Something came up about the shortage of tomatoes from the hurricanes in Florida this year. I said something like “I guess all the tomatoes come from Florida”. My brother in law (we’ll call him Larry) balked and said that was stupid. He then said that he just had some tomatoes that said ‘Jersey’ on them… and surely Jersey is not a place in Florida. I told him it may be, what did I know. He said ‘prove it on the internet’. I laughed it off and said it wasn’t worth the trouble and excused myself to use the restroom.

Instead, I came in here and typed up that little salvo below. I waited about an hour, until the conversation had changed, and said “Larry, why don’t we take a look on that tomato thing. I bet I was right!” The key to the illusion was letting him drive the internet. He asked where he should look and I said “just type in I am correct into any search engine and pick whatever comes up first.” So he did, and as you may know, this site will rank #1 on every search engine when those words are keyed in. There was my post, pointedly specific to our conversation. He said how did you do that, and I told him I was in the bathroom the whole time and don’t know what he is talking about. Now that, my friends, is what the internet is for!


2 thoughts on “

  1. You are incorrect, and underestimate my online jedi powers. It took me about 90 seconds to get onto my site, type up that little content, and post it.

    but I do appreciate any bathroom humor, so you get a pass.

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