Black History Month – 2005

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alright, crackers, today begins Black History Month. I’d like to begin by recognizing perhaps the greatest person alive today (white or black) – Nelson Mandela.

a quick bio: He was the president of the African National Congress, which was a rebel group against apartheid. What was apartheid? Think of it as a Republican’s wet dream: only whites could vote or own land. So, the government jailed him for 38 years. Thirty Eight Years!

When he got out, dude got the country to agree to a peace agreement. WTF? That is impressive, because if I was jailed unjustly for 32 years and was released I would have a platform of ‘kill those fuckers’. He did not, and he went on to become first democratically elected State President of South Africa on 10 May 1994 – June 1999 and is now retired.

I can’t think of a better man or role model than Nelson Mandela. Oh, and another monumental feat Mr Mandela has achieved: staying alive! Seriously, revolutionaries tend not to make it to old age. If his story was American, the CIA would have capped his ass before he was 30. Nelson Mandela is my hero.

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