Update: the Zoloft Killings

Last summer I wrote a piece here that was mean spirited and simplistic. What I recommends in these very pages was that instead of drug therapy for troubled teens and kids, they should instead be whupped. Go ahead and re-read the piece now, it is right here. Just today there was a big debate on CNN regarding the virtue of all these mood altering drugs on kids and teenagers. Sadly, a teen killed his grandparents because he was on Zoloft.

Defense attorneys contend Zoloft drove him to shoot the couple, set fire to their home
outside Chester, South Carolina, and drive away with his dog.

This just stinks for everyone around, and I take no joy in this news. All of my grandparents have passed on, and I wish they were still here to teach me. Now that I am an adult, I could learn so much from them.

However, it is also important also to note that I was correct in my assessment. Children and teens don’t need drugs to make them normal. There is no normal when you are a teen. What children and (especially) teens need, is a good smackin’!


1 thought on “Update: the Zoloft Killings

  1. The irony is that adults are putting their kids on drugs to make them easier to control. There are all sorts of sci-fi scenarios here that are scary as hell.

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