Well gee, ya think?

Guess what, huge news flash – it looks like there has been a drop in applications to attend Colorado University at Boulder, by 19%. That is a sizeable figure, no question. Officials are ‘alarmed’ and wonder if the recent scandals have hurt the school’s credibility. Sorry for swearing, but no fucking duh! It isn’t the Ward Churchill scandal either. I am so tired of that guy and that story. If college campuses aren’t generating some liberal dust ups then we are done for. Besides, Churchill is a total narcissist who is milking this. Churchill isn’t their real concern and is more a scapegoat. His comments were inflammatory, but that is what free speach is about. I was not offended by his comments. Plus, I am sick of him. Go back to teaching.

So what could possibly be damaging to CU’s good name? Let’s start with the fact that it is rated every year as one of the best party schools in the nation. Now we all like to get drunk with babes, but I don’t want to be in debt for the next 15 years to do so… thanks. I can do that at Community College for way cheaper.

Perhaps it was the alcohol and sex parties for the high school kids scouting the school for football. Seems great, unless you aren’t on the football team. Or maybe it was when the coach came forward and said he had NO idea his football team was having sex and beer parties for new recruits.

Or, maybe the decline is because shortly after that it was revealed there was a big rape scandal and subsequent cover up by the same football team and same coach. Hmmm, I think we are getting closer. Wait… maybe it is because when the coach held a conference about the rape scandal he said “She was a terrible kicker anyway”. I am totally serious, that is true. Read about it here. Nah, maybe that wasn’t it either.

Perhaps instead it was when portions of the rape allegations involved football players and staff calling the young kicker (and rape victim) the ‘C’ word*… to her face. Well, boys will be boys huh?

Stop the press, I think I know why the school has zero credibility as an educational institution. First off, the coach who covered up the rapes and illegal sex parties and keggers did NOT get fired. it gets better, you won’t believe this… when they asked the President of the University (the loathsome and incompetent Betsy Hoffman) what she thought about the rape story and the ‘C’ word comments, she said this

the word ‘cunt’ can be used as a term of endearment

Yup! True story, every last word… and not a single one of them has lost their jobs. Nice leadership, huh. Now, don’t you want to mortgage your house to send your child there?

* sorry, I won’t utter the c word. It is vile and only gets anyone in trouble. Never, no matter how angry, should you use the ‘see you next Tuesday’ word.


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