Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite kitchen appliance? If if broke, could you replace it?

The dishwasher, and you couldn’t replace it. She’s my wife, man! Just kidding, actually it is I who do the dishes and indeed I would replace the dishwasher if it broke.

2. Did your grandmother have a nickname for you? What was it? How did
you earn it.

She did. She called me handsome. As for the last part, I guess she saw something in my no one else has (wipes crocodile tear from eye).

3. What was the last big thing you broke? How did you end up fixing it.

I am finally ready to answer. The last thing I broke was some shitty HTML that wasn’t microsoft compatible. How did I fix it? I switched to Mozilla!

4. If you had your own spaceship, what would you name it and why?
What would it be like?

I would name it Sigmund, because clearly what is a rocket spaceship but a monster phallic device? Right? Or is that just my own creepy interpretation? What would it be like… Comfy! Lot’s of couches and rugs and nice carpet. It’d have a ‘home’ theatre too, because I love watching movies.

5. March is nearly here! (Thank you, Jesus.) We survived February.
(Thank you, Cutty Sark.) Do you have any Spring seasonal change
traditions that you observe?

I get excited for camping and fishing and four wheel driving season. Traditions? I clean and reorganize the garage pretty thoroughly every Spring.

Ed note: Sorry for the late posting of the fives. I normally have them up Thursday night, but Roy and I had major falling out. He thought we should run the fives in honor of Hunter, and I thought we should do a ‘black history month’ type format. You can see, we did neither. Take care and have a great weekend.


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