This stuff just writes itself!

ok, so I was cruising, which I do constantly. I just came across this headline which is so great I had to stop and tell y’all about it.

Jackson P.R. expert says she was fired

Now, I didn’t even read the story and don’t care to. What I want to comment on is the goodness that is that story title. First off, I can’t believe that Michael Jackson has (or had) a PR rep, not to mention a PR expert. That person is doing the worst job in history. I mean, if you are a PR person… it is your job to shape how the public perceives your client, right? Well, regardless of the trial, if you ask anyone what they think of Michael Jackson. They will invariably say “crazy, white, pedophile, baby dangler, talented, insane, creepy…” in any combination.

So exactly what has this PR person, nay… expert, been doing for the last 10 or 15 years? The best part is this; the person in question is upset and feels wrongly terminated. Whoah, time out for a belly laugh.

Hey, guess what… you are the worst public relations expert in history! Charlie Manson wouldn’t want your services.

I know it sounds like I am being mean spirited, and to be honest I am. However, let’s make a real life scenario. Imagine if I got rumors spread around work that my boss Mike has been drugging and raping children for the last 10 years. Then I told everyone he was deeply, deeply in debt. Then I told you he used to be black, but has changed his appearence through hundreds of cosmetic surgeries because of weird issues his father created when he was young.

Then… it turns out Mike is wanted by the Feds and gets fired from work. Needless to say, Mike’s last act was to fire me. Wouldn’t that be a pretty good call on Mike’s behalf? Would anyone side with me?


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  1. LOL. You made me laugh so hard that I can barely see the keys on my keyboard.

    Although I make my living positioning an organization I try to avoid discriptions like PR expert. Mostly because one day someone with your rapier with will slice and dice me.

  2. you know what is sad…SHE PROBABLY IS A REAL EXPERT…and was able to keep most of Michael’s insane activities private and we only know the ones she couldn’t control.

    When you think about it, she really is pretty good…he was almost convicted of these crimes before and people still buy his record.

    Makes you wonder what kind of spin she could have put on Manson…spokesperson for Bic Razors perhaps?

  3. Grainger makes an interesting and frightening point; what if this PR HAS done a great job? What if the weird we know of MJ is only 20% of it? Think of it, this is probably the highest paid PR person in the entertainment world, if not the world (barring Karl Rove, of course).

    Yikes, the crap she is hiding we may not know for 50 years! Did Michael Jackson kill Kennedy?

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