United Airlines Sucks

If you are a longtime reader here, you know I hate United Airlines. They have consistently been a major pain in the ass to Denver. Obviously the jobs they provide aren’t terrific, because their folks are ALWAYS on strike. They aren’t bringing much to the economy of Denver because they haven’t been paying their gate fees to the airport (which the city owns… meaning our tax base counts on those dollars). They treat the city horribly and are always threatening us to give them new stuff for free.

Now they are asking the Government to pick up their retirements. That means if you worked for you United and spent 20 or 30 years socking away savings with the company… you are about to get Enron’d. Here, let them say it:

how does it save them money when the executives and upper management continue to get pay raises and bonuses and their pensions are not harmed?” Porter asks. “United is also putting millions of dollars into a new renovation at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Why are they spending the money to do that instead of taking care of their people, their front-line customer service people who have given them so many years of loyalty?”


Where I come from we call that getting ‘Enron’d’ and all of those a-holes are in jail now or soon will be. In the meantime, America… fly Frontier!


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