I have seen the enemy

I had an epiphany yesterday afternoon. It was about 6 pm, and I was at work. Suddenly, all of my energies (and enemies) came to focus in one glorious moment. As Arlo sings in ‘the Pickle Song’

It come to me like a flash… a vision burned across the sky. So I wrote it down. I don’t want a pickle, just wanna ride on my motorcycle…

Now, this has nothing to do with pickles. However, those lyrics are so great I didn’t want to ruin the flow by editing them out of context. So who is biggest problem in America? I am almost ready to share it with you. Now, y’all know I can’t stand Republicans. I complain that they have absolutely zero concern for working humans, women, or minorities. This remains true. Turns out, they aren’t the enemy though. I think most of them have good intentions… they are just good intentions for their super rich friends. No biggie, everyone is selfish. How about those Dems? Why are we always trying to fix things and make the world a better place and help everybody? Force of habit, I guess.

So, who is the biggest problem? Who is the real threat to Americans? It is the religious right. These people have more power than you can imagine. They control almost everything, and are making all of your decisions for you. To say it is a conspiracy would be to undermine it’s power. There will be more on this, I assure you.

Lest you think I have sold out… I haven’t. I still think all Republicans are dicks. However, I am now beginning to see where their power and influence comes from. To borrow a phrase from the most excellent liberals at Dailykos.com, the religious right is the American Taliban.

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