I don’t believe my eyes – Thoughts on President Bush

A superhero is only as good as his biggest villain. Do you think the world would give two craps about Spiderman if we didn’t have Doc Oc, or Green Lantern? No, he would just be some Michael Jackson freakshow. Who is Batman when not fighting monster injustice? He is a sad little man in a bad outfit. Not to call myself a superhero… but frankly I am. As a result, I am only as strong as strength of evil and incompetence that I fight… the White House.

Yes, this president is more than the worst president. He is more than a pernicious and insolent genocidal prank monkey for the right. What I was most dazzled by the President is he never apologized… ever. Never once in six years has he said ‘my bad. sorry.’ Honestly, it is all I have wanted to hear from him since 9/11. I don’t even blame him for 9/11, but it happened on his watch. So, a simple sorry would have meant a lot to the american people.

Even more fun was when the president rushed to the disaster from vacation to congratulate FEMA for doing such a stand up job. Of course, we now know that FEMA director Jerky McAssface was working on a press release congratulating the job of FEMA… rather than doing the job of FEMA. True story, the AP put it out last week.

this administration is a lot like the fonz. They are so convinced that everything they do is right, they can’t even utter the word ‘wrong’. Anyhow, something happened today that hasn’t happened in 5 years. It was something almost cataclysmic in its scope. The president went on live TV and uttered something that still leaves me completely freaked out. I spent the morning crying in the basement. Everything I once knew and held true was now gone. Remember when you caught your parents having sex? Yeah, freaked you out a bit didn’t it? This was worse. The president… your president… took accountability for something for the very first time in his presidency. no, serious. The president today did the very thing I have been begging him to do for 4 years –

Bush: ‘I take responsibility’

So, what do I do now? I mean, he has: admitted error, apologized, and took swift action to remedy the FEMA debacle. That is real life leadership. Oh well, it is probably a fluke. One last thing, because I can not resist: go fuck yourself mr. cheney


1 thought on “I don’t believe my eyes – Thoughts on President Bush

  1. I totally understand how you feel. Now that the SOB had actually taken some responsibility, I was left floundering between admiring him and holding him accountable for the countless other fiascoes he’s gotten us into. Because let’s face it, Bush was not the only one who dropped the ball–“big time”–here. There’s plenty of blame to go around. So for Bush to accept responsibility is all well and good, but I still find his ownership somewhat lacking, for he’s NEVER taken ownership of the true tragedies that are EXCLUSIVELY his fault. Things like Iraq for instance: thousands of Americans are dead based on a pretense that has tuned out to be manufactured at best, Iraq is on the brink of civil war, there were no WMDs and terrorism is spreading like a weed. Bush has made America LESS safe and for that he should apologize and admit his error in judgement. It’s one thing to apologize for something you were tangentially involved in and another to admit wrongdoing when you were helming the train-wreck. SO, yeah, it’s great he apologized, but he’s still an ass.

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