Ask your doctor about iamcorrectol®

Are you ugly, stupid, or successful? Do you have too much, or too little time? Do you find this administration to be agreeable? Do you seem to think the President is a trustable person, regardless of every single indication otherwise? Are you concerned that perhaps Scott McClelland has never answered a question with a simple yes or no? Are you short, fat, bald, nearsighted, or flatfooted? Would you like to be? Then iamcorrectol® is for you.

You are not alone. Ask you’re web provider about iamcorrectol®. With a simply dose only twice a week, you will begin to clearly see how everyone in leadership has let you down… except me. Iamcorrectol® is available in both liquid and pill doses, and is available at your physician now.

Remember our slogan – little white liberal

Doctor’s warning, iamcorrectol® will may reduce irritibility, lower productivity, create anal warts, nasal discharge, irritation of the taint, vericose vains, hallucinations, and alcoholism. Not available in generic.


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