Friday Fives

1. What is your favorite “Friends” episode?

Joey with the turkey on his head. There it is, I just answered the whitest question ever. Is this white history month?

2. Who would be in your historical threesome?

historical threesome like how? Like, crazy sex threesome… or like adventure movie threesome? Either way, Kathleen Turner in her prime would fit the bill nicely… as would Michelle Pfeifer in her prime.

3. What foods have your forced yourself to eat this year that you usually don’t eat?

I discovered a great new food this year. It is very cheap to make, and better for you than ramen. It is also very easy to make and can be even more easily customized. eggs. I always hated eggs all of my life, but am coming around and my life is so much simpler. I ordered my first omelet this year.

4. Given the opportunity and a clear shot, what you most like to steal?

Karl Rove’s influence on world politics. That, or maybe the invisible suit that everyone knows the government has developed and won’t tell us about. Oh, and it’s invisible too. See, they have been using it to spy on my and make me mis-dial my cell phone at night. Hear that, Debbie? I haven’t been calling you because you are dumb and hurt my feelings and I am totally over you. I haven’t followed you either, so stick that stupid restraining order up your butt.

5. In life, we make choices. What have you chickened out of doing?

breaking up with Debbie

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