The Gary Barnett Corollary®

So, the Colorado Buffalos lost this weekend 70 – 3 on national tv. People are freaked out, and calling for his ouster. That is just terrific, we found something that will raise the ire of the Colorado citizenry. See, Barnett has been responsible for a few scandals on the team: rape, prostitution, under age drinking, cover up of rape and prostitution, large scale embezzlement, and some historic misogyny.

These issues are so big and serious and convict-able that the university president Betsy Hoffman resigned in shame. That was a great moment for us here. If you know this site, you know there are a few things I hate. Gary Barnett & United Airlines mostly. Anyhow, the people of Colorado stood behind Barnett and his felonious regime. Things were all peaches and herb, we all looked the other way.

But then, something serious happened to turn the tides. Was it the financial improprieties of the organization realized a few months ago that cost the school and the sports program millions? Nope! They lost on national tv… really really badly. CU Buffs lost 70 – 3 last weekend. Now, people are calling for Barnett to be fired… and rumor’s are that he already has been.

So, let’s keep count. Rape? Embezzlement? Fraud? Prostitution? Distribution of liquor (and prostitutes) to underage football recruits? Check! None of these will cost you your job in Boulder… so long as you don’t lose on national tv.

Keep in mind, this is the school who still has Ward Churchill on their payroll. Remember Ward? He said that the terror attacks on the US were deserved. Turned out he forged his painting and his academic work. Oh, he also lied about his heritage of being an American Indian. The list goes on and on and on.

I came here to say this.  He should have been fired long before losing by 70 points on national TV.  He should have been fired for the rape, alcohol, or prostitution scandals.  OR… how he treated the female kicker that his team raped.  Here is how he treated her:  he was told of the rape allegations, his reply was (this is verbatim, and not taken out of context) “she was a terrible kicker!”  – ok, I added the exclamation point.

He should have been fired for A) truly not knowing the team was raping and drinking and drugging and prostituting… or B) he knew this was going on and looked the other way.  EITHER answer is no defense.  Many years later, Adam Carolla would play a game of same called ‘stupid, or a liar’.  Same thing at this.  Either he was stupid and blind… or lying to cover up.  THAT is the Gary Barnett Corollay.®  This goes for every asshat politician who goes in front of a judiciary and answers ‘I do not recall’, instead of ‘taking the 5th amendment.’    Did you murder that hobo?  I do not recall?  Guess what, asshole… that is JUST as bad.  STOP SAYING THAT!!!  Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales said that phrase 72 fucking times during his hearing.  You don’t get to be should not get to be the head lawyer of America by dodging questions.  Another great job there, GW.

Long story short… I am heading up to Boulder for a job.


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