By the way, I was right

Being the webmaster of a website so bracingly pretentious as ‘I am Correct’ means I need to back it up… and I do. Here is another example of how correct I was. Four or five years ago I was laid off here in Denver, CO. I needed a job, a good job with a good company. After being in telecom far too long, I was looking at a fresh start in a new industry. I was willing to take a good job almost anywhere. It didn’t even have to be Colorado, if the money was good enough.

Having said that, there were two companies who I absolutely refused to apply for. Both of these companies are very big and successful and have a huge presence in Denver. I vowed to be a lawn mower Technician 2 before I ever even considered working for either Qwest or United Airlines. Boy, was I right! Since then, United has had every union under the sun strike, dropped their employees pensions, and filed for bankruptcy. Just last week, United offered to pay Denver one fifth of the millions in back taxes they owe Denver. See, United figured they were such a boon to Denver’s economy that they didn’t have to pay taxes on anything. They felt we should be happy to have them. That worked until they laid everyone off and went bankrupt. Denver’s mayor was so stunned that United was finally going to pay Denver he said it was a ‘victory for everyone’.

So, their solution was to threaten Denver’s mayor to build them a whole new concourse and wipe out their debt. Denver’s mayor (Wellington Webb at the time) handled it wonderfully. He went on TV to rip up United’s threatening letter to the city. If you have read this site for sometime, you know I rip on United. It is also because their rates suck, and their ‘discount carrier’ costs even more.

Anyhow, point made about United Airlines. The other company I wouldn’t work for is Qwest communications. They got well known for shady deals and constant lay offs. We had a girl leave our company to go to Qwest. She got laid off on her first day of training for Qwest. Plus, they handled things badly. They bought out US West, who left under such a public relations nightmare it became comical. So, how does Qwest come in to right the crappy ship in the public’s eyes? They raised all their rates across the board. That did this at the precise moment the cable companies starting offering phone service. The phone company monopolies were over! So, how did the phone company grovel for loyalty? They jacked the rates up! Bad move.

Anyhow, I say that to say this: I am proud of standing up to both Qwest and United. Today, they announced indictments against their racist ex CEO Joseph ‘Ralph’ Nacchio. 42 counts! Another asshole CEO is going to jail. I can’t take all of the credit, but I will try.

I don’t keep enemies, but I have had a few. Betsy Hoffman, Gary Barnett, United Airlines, Qwest, Tom DeLay, and terrorist spy Robert Novak. I have tried every single of them (but one) in the court of public opinion right here in these pages. The result, unanimously guilty. As for Novak, what he did is so unthinkable he simply deserves to die for threatening American undercover operations around the world. I’ll get to him soon, I assure he will be neither be forgotten nor forgiven in these pages.

that came off a little ranty, didn’t it? It’s the painkillers.


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