Friday Fives

1. What was the last dream you remember?

Jerry Garcia was my bartender at the beach. It was pretty great. I’d actually pay to be dropped back into that dream.

2. Do you believe in Dog

Clearly, I do.

3. What is the most expensive item you have ever broken?

not counting cars, or hearts… it was probably this dude’s glass bong that I knocked over in college. We were drinking at his house and I brushed past it and it fell and shattered. Had to replace dude’s bong. Know what sucks about that? I don’t smoke at all, that is what kills me. I mean, if I smoked then we would have just gotten all high and forgotten about it, right? I mean, maybe that is why he made me pay for it… because I wasn’t a smoker. I should have told him I was a cop!

4.The Stockshow is in town. Let’s contemplate. Would you have a problem eating horse meat and why or why not?

Not really. Meat is meat. To justify eating one animal but not another is stupid.

5. What is your favorite time of day?

about 2 am. Though I am working hard to change my ways (was in bed by midnight last night) I am very much a night owl. I am more awake at 2 am doing chores around the house than any other time. My mom used to say (and probably still does) “you are wasting the day” because with staying up all night comes sleeping all day. My response would be “No, you are wasting the evening”. That being said, if there was competetive sleeping I would be the greatest in the history of the world… EVER. No, that isn’t the stupidest idea in history. The stupidest idea in history is dude who came up with ‘competetive eating’. What’s worse about that is we are the fattest country in the world, and every year we lose to these tiny japanese guys.


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