on Jesse Jackson

 *freshly edited, fact checked, and sourced

There is a line from a Kanye West song that goes like this: I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas.

Somehow that makes me think of Jesse Jackson. I have had a Jesse Jackson piece rumbling around my head for the past several months (nay, years). Then, I thought, why not for Black History Month? See, Black History month to me is an opportunity to point out some really terrific and influential black folks, and their contributions. Also, I figured it could be an opportunity to call out some who suck ass. Jesse Jackson sucks ass!

Why? Well, there are many reasons to dislike him. See, he was been threatening companies with a very public black boycott if they didn’t donate money to his Rainbow PUSH coalition. That is illegal and immoral, see. That ain’t what was so bad, though. It turned out that money was going to a house for Jesse’s gal on the side… and their lovechild. Nice touch. Still that ain’t why I hate him. Of course, he had that classic antisemitic moment, while running for President, of calling New York City ‘Himey Town

I hate him because of Hurricane Katrina. See, here is what I saw happen. New Orleans was under water and people were working feverishly to rescue folks off of roofs and stuff. Things were still really bad, and about to get worse. People were still on roofs, still being found dead, still really really really needing help. In the middle of all of this, Jesse flies down and has a press conference. Jesse goes all Kanye West and says ‘the president hates black people’. Well, no duh.

What cheeses me off is what he should have said and done. Dude should have said “turn off that camera and grab a sandbag. My god, people are dying all around us. This is no time for politics, come help!” But he didn’t. What an asshole. I mean, if he wanted to have a press conference he could have done that from home. Instead, he raced to the scene of the worst natural disaster in the history of America to talk shit about the president. What a jerk. How about criticizing the President and FEMA after people are out of danger? For that, I will never forgive him. He took a horrible situation, didn’t lift a finger to fix it, and then rushed to criticize those around him.

What George Bush and Mike Brown should have done is held a press conference saying: “alright Jesse, you are down there now. Tell us what to do and what needs to be done to save these people?”. Of course, we all know what Jesse would have said – ‘send more news cameras’. It is ok that you are racist Jesse, you probably have plenty of reason to be. However, don’t ride on the corpses of poor black folk to get on TV for a few minutes. You are dead to me.


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