Friday Fives

1. When was the last time you came unraveled?

I can think of a time a few years ago. I got unraveled not mad, but sad. Crying jag sotra thing. To embarrassing to detail. Men don’t cry. As far as you are concerned, neither do I.

2. When is the last time you accepted a dare?

I am not much of a dare guy. I mean, if you hit me with this question in high school, I could regale you tales for days. Now, everything is very good. There is no point in messing that up with unnecessary risk. Ok, I killed a hooker last week. Big deal. Mostly though… I am pretty square.

3. What’s one language you wish you knew fluently?

I wish I knew Spanish better. I can speak it, and definately get by. However, my skills are depleting because I don’t go to Mexico every summer like I used to. I love Mexico. Spread my ashes there.

4 If you were to design a new condiment, what would it be?

It would be a mayonaise based product. There would be like a spicy ranch flavor too. Maybe dehydrated onion and chipotle. So, it would be sweeet and spicy. Perhaps a dash of horseradish too.

5. If a tape or CD were stuck in your car stereo, what would it be?

these days I am listening almost exclusively to Van Morrison and the Grateful Dead. I don’t use tapes or CDs anymore, though. Everything goes through the iPod. Also, I listen to NPR when I drive… because apparently I am an 80 year old librarian.


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