Friday Fives

1. Do you like chicken?

does a bear shit in the woods?

2. What is 1 food you can’t live without?

my cravings come and go. Today, I thought I might turn over dead if I didn’t have crab cakes. The local chain makes tasty ones that are only a buck a piece. Though this might not count as food, I am a coffee fiend.

3. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

unless this is your first day joining us at ‘I am Correct’, you know I am a night owl. It is an incorrectable problem. If anyone out there writes back ‘just go to sleep earlier’ then you don’t understand. I am a victim here, people. This is America, who do I sue?

4. Chocolate or vanilla?

Cherry Garcia, baby. I am talkin’ about lettin’ my freak flag fly, bro. You can take your staid white bread choices and shove em! Just kidding, I love vanilla. I would have vanilla in more everywhere of my life if I could. Those beans are impossible to get, and are only grown in Madagascar. Madagascar? Come on, that isn’t a real place is it? I think the Vanilla Bean oligarchy is just screwing with us to keep prices artificially high.

5. Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?

I love them both equally. However, let’s just say in a fire I am going back for the dogs… and the guitars. Then, that lamp I really like. Then, my thermos. Not an ordinary thermos for you. But the extra best thermos that you can buy, With vinyl and stripes and a cup built right in. Then, the cat.

as always, thanks to my archrival Roy for this week’s fives.


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