Are you crazy?

Good news, you are not. There has been some debate over what crazy is, where it comes from, can it be treated. I used to think I was crazy for the longest time, really. I used to think I would spend life alone as a weird eccentric on the beach in Mexico… and I was good with that. Turns out I ain’t crazy, just strange. Nothing wrong with that, eh? So, what is crazy? This is crazy. Let’s hear from one of these folks now:

“I wasn’t born in the correct body,” said Lilly, who has twice tried to amputate her legs. “The mind doesn’t connect up to the body at all.”


It is a story about people who amputate stuff off themselves because of a negative body image. It begins with a guy who methodically, and personally (meaning, without medical assistance) froze off his legs with dry ice so they would be removed. That is some crazy. I ain’t talking about Uncle Lenny crazy… I am talking about that fancy store bought crazy. Anyhow, Doc says this:

The rare condition is called body integrity identity disorder, or BIID.

No sir, this condition is called crazy. In fact, it ain’t a condition at all. Three people don’t constitute a condition. There are three guys are work right now with black eyes they got from their wives. Is that a condition? Nope, just three guys who drink too much and needed a good smackin’.

Ooohh! Lookie at this quote.

aside from this obsession, First said his BIID patients can appear to be mentally healthy

I beg to differ. If you run across someone sawing off their arm in the park… you know something is up. You know they crazy! To be fair, this is the last words of one of the dudes who amputated his legs and arm: What the hell was I thinking?

Now, don’t you feel better about yourself?


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