Not a loophole

This just in, you can get arrested for a DUI on a

I had heard the urban legend that police could give you a DUI on a bicycle, but know no one who ever received one. Where I went to school, everyone rode bikes. It was safer for all. In our eyes, we figured the worst we would do drunk on a bike was hurt ourselves… and we did. Anyhow, you can get busted for it so don’t do it, even though it seems like a stupid law. So, what brings up this question, you ask? Did I get a DUI? Nope, never have. The reason we are having this discussion is this dude from Ohio was drunk one night… and he needed more booze. Now, being a smart and safe minded citizen, he knew not to drive his car. So, he hopped on his lawnmower and drove it to the store a mile away.

Being as though it was 10pm on a Friday night… it looked a wee bit suspicious. Anyhow, dude got pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on his rider mower. You know what? I am fine with that. The store was a mile away, it would have been as quick to walk there as to take a riding mower “down the sidewalk at 5 mph”. Someone with judgement that clouded shouldn’t be operating anything. Oh, and about the police cruiser comment above, let’s just say I ain’t welcome back in Minnesota no more.


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