Tom DeLay’s parting words

Tom DeLay has exited office under a large criminal cloud that is taking all his time and resources to pretend to fight. With several large Federal indictments hanging over his head, he was forced to quit congress like a lowly coward. What is great about this is he used to be the toughest and most feared asshole in the business. Anyhow, I saw on CNN how they were spinning his quitting as a victory of sorts. ope, dude is going to jail. Anyhow, here is the quote verbatim from CNN… and my speculation on what they edited out for time:

“I did a good job… Given the chance to do it all again, there’s only one thing I’d change. I’d fight even harder.”

– note the ellipses above. Those are often used to indicate missing text not thought relevant, and edited out for brevity. Allow me some conjecture on what might be missing in those ellipses.  What that sentence above needs context.  NO… subtext!

I did a good job getting rich. I mean, crazy FU type rich. I screwed everybody, and I’ll screw you too. Don’t you even look me in the eye. I am the mother f***n Hammer! You can’t indict the hammer! I’ll kill you if you try. I remember once, I beat a bum half to death. No reason really, I just felt like fighting a bum. It’s fun, beatin’ homeless folks. Given the chance, there’s only one thing I’d change. I’d fight even harder.

* type in red is purely conjecture

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