the Twin Towers

I was just talking with a friend and remember something that I want to share with you. Remember how after the World Trade Center towers fell the media removed them from all images, movies etc? They had to edit the intro to ‘Friends’ to take out the towers. Spiderman had to be re-shot to edit out the big scene with the twin towers. It went on and on and on and it cheeses me off big time.

Let’s say your mom just died. Would you tear down every picture of her in the house? Would you go back and edit her out of family pictures? Would you go through the home movies and re-shoot new scenes without her?

Of course not. I think the way to honor the twin towers and the sacrifice would be to celebrate them, not delete them from history. So you maybe say that the memories would be too brutal for some, and too emotional. Good, they should be. That was some heavy shit that happened to us that day and sweeping it under the rug won’t undo it. That’s all, have a great weekend.

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