St Peter, the Peace symbol and Nero’s cross

Careful, you are about to learn something

Dear reader, I think I might be about to blow your mind with the following information. Note, this is not (my usual) satire or social commentary. I was talking with the wife about Christian nutjobs, and I remember this piece of information.   I feel free to use the term ‘Christian nutjubs’ because I raised by them.  That, and the fact that the people who most publically identify as religious know nothing of the real spirit of his teachings.

When I was in my early teens, I had a wonderful teacher. For some reason, I was into peaceful exhibitionism.  That has not changed much, looking up at my dry eraser board. I drew a ‘Peace’ sign on the chalkboard while she was away.  Turns out she was quite religious, and a little upset by my peace sign.  To her massive and awesome credit, she gently and nicely explained why.  A brief teaser/ spoiler – the origins of the peace sign are anythingbut peace.

When she came back, she explained that the peace symbol was very offensive to her as it s origins were a broken and inverted cross.

Well, I didn’t believe her… because I was 14 and didn’t believe any adults.  Plus, there wasno internet… for about another 20 years.  What was I going to do… run to the library?   I forgot about until this week, and so did some research. Turns out, she was right. So, here is the symbol we all know so well.

So, to me the symbol always meant good and nice things. It means ‘peace’. It means, cool out, be nice, it’s all good, vote Democrat… those sorts of values, right? Well… um… no. Its origin really is a broken and inverted cross, and it’s a pretty fucked up story. It was called ‘Nero’s Cross’ in its early days, and featured an upside down dead dude. It was called Nero’s Cross because it was adopted by Roman Emperer Nero. You remember the Romans, they are the ones who fed the Christians to the lions. It also came to be used by occult and satanists for whatever weirdo reasons. Check this out:

See, I told you that was some wack stuff. Anyhow, you know I am the last person on the planet to be a Christian apologist… but I thought you should know. If a Christian ever freaks out on your over the peace sign, that is ok… they get to.  *** Important addendum for you about this whole thing – the inverted cross of St Peter.  If you look at Christianity like I do, its an interesting mythology, but no different than any other mythology.

This doesn’t mean to abandon peace, the sign, the thought, or the deed. In fact, this info is so obscure that you are the only one who knows it. Don’t drop the thought of peace for a second, howeverI might suggest abandoning Christianity, but then we’d only be left with Islam. I hate both, and feel strongly that both are pushing us to war for their own agendas. I know y’all don’t come to me for learning, but I thought that was something to share. Oh, and Nero wasn’t a Muslim… if you are trying to make a connection. No, those guys (the Romans) were the ones who had a god for everything. They had a water god, a wine god, a war god, a weather god, a god god… a god for every occasion.

I owe Mrs. Reifschneider from Hopi Elementary an apology.  What I SO love about that whole interaction is she wasn’t a dick about it.  She wasn’t ritcheous, or condescending.

3 thoughts on “St Peter, the Peace symbol and Nero’s cross

  1. There are several other theories on the history of the peace symbol besides those of Christian apologists.
    It was designed in England in the 1950s by a graphic designer intend to incorporate the semifor flag symbols for the letters N and D, standing for nuclear disarmament. The circle around the four hash marks are to depict unity. The designer was more concerned about ending nuclear proliferation rather than creating a way to offend Christirians. Remember, anything and everthing can offend a Christian, it isn’t hard to do. But the peace symbol, designed to remind people about nuclear disarmament, wasn’t created to raise the ire of Christians.
    I found this information from a very simple google search and the top four links verify what I just explained. You might try that. Go to Google is a very popular web search engine that searches for things on the internets.
    Type in the search window Peace Symbol History. The results may surprise you. I would offer your teacher was wrong and you were originally correct to distrust her.
    On my google search, somewhere on page two or three of the search results is an obscure reference you blogged about. Apparently “Iamcorrect” is trying to obscure the peace movement with christian hatred.
    It is a sad day.

    PS, Broncos Rule.

  2. indeed, Google is where I did my work. Also, my intention in posting and researching was hoping to discredit Christian hatred. What I googled was ‘origin of peace symbol’.

    there is no question I am pro-peace ‘roy’, if that is your real name. Frankly, whomever you are… I will kick your ass. I can’t believe you come to MY blog, and shit on MY research and tell me that I am not pro-peace.

    That is some serious bullshit, and a petty stereotype. I am going to totally kick you ass ‘Roy’. Why don’t you take your hippie peace bullshit and shove them up for your fucking ass.

    I’ll kill you, pussy.

    * we’re still on for beers Thursday, right?

  3. Another interesting symbol is the swastika. Check out this link.

    I originally heard that this symbol stood for prosperity, which in ancient Greece supposed meant the same as roughly ‘peaceful times’.

    So it was a peace symbol of sorts as well. Until it’s meaning was totally blasted for all of history by the Nazis.

    Interesting idea though.

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