Sorry, no checks is NOT a quotation

I love the English language. It is a comfort to me, and I feel I have a near mastery of it. I have a degree in literature because I am so fond of the arrangement and use of words. That is why this site above makes me cry. This is a lettered sign at my local bar. Listen, I understand if you don’t want to take checks. I wouldn’t ever take checks. These days, a check is roughly as good as an ‘I owe you’ written on a bar napkin. I get the ‘no checks’ issue, but I don’t get the quotation marks.

The ‘no checks’ thing isn’t what bothers me. The grammar is ok, as is the spelling. What are the quotation marks for? This troubles me greatly. It troubles me so greatly that I just got up and drove to that bar just to take a digital picture of their door. I didn’t even go in for a beer, that is the kind of restraint and dedication I have to you. I tried to explain this grammar faux paus to my wife and she thought I was a spaz and explained no one cares. But you care, reader, right?

Traditionally, a quotation marks indicates words spoken by another… verbatim. Also, a quotation can also demark a saying or colloquialism. This situation is neither. Unless we are directly quoting the owner, but I don’t think that is necessary. My real concern is I think they are trying to make it seem friendly, as if we are having conversation. Somehow, I think they are trying to soften the sting of the policy. My theory is this: they think the no check policy will put patrons off. Basically, they are accusing their patrons of being deadbeats. In order to soften the blow of the accusation, they place it in quotation marks. The rage this incites is me is almost too much to bear. “Thanks for reading”


7 thoughts on “Sorry, no checks is NOT a quotation

  1. your wife was right…YOU ARE LOOPY. Need I dig back into the literary archives of I am Correct (btw, shouldn’t am be capatalized) to find some of your literary meanderings which lacked “correctness” (note the ironic use of apostraphes as I insult you, much like the bar.)

  2. shut up. I am just finally learning proper HTML formatting. For some time, I have been thinking about going back into every single piece and correcting them into better formatting. If I had a laptop, I would have time to do something like that.

    I am working to get a laptop sometime around Christmas, so the re-work should be done my Spring 2007.

    You may mock me, by the way. I am not a professional business. in fact, when I took this picture the bouncer came out. he was not amused. He asked what I was doing and I explained the grammar on the door was so bad I had to film it. He still didn’t seem to amused.

    Maybe the quotes will be gone when I return.

  3. the re-work should be done “my” spring…or “by” spring.

    Last time I checked you should capitlaize.

    I did not know that capitalization and spelling were html issues.

    By the way, Mom is here and she says she loves me better than you.

  4. really? Mom said that, huh? That would be a pretty sweet burn if Mom didn’t spend 8 months of the year fleeing you and your family in Phoenix.

    If you didn’t have a grandkid for her, you would have been jettisoned out of the family. Also, I love you because you have a swimming pool.

    That being said, I will capitalize what I want. Everyone who has a degree in Literature raise your hand. Ok, just me? That is what I thought.

  5. Maybe they didn’t finish the sign. Maybe it’s supposed to read

    “Sorry, no checks,” she said.

    I LOVE that you post grammar mistakes on your blog. Kindred spirit, I am.

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