It’s just business

You probably have heard the terrifying and harrowing tale of NFL player Kevin Everette.  He was extremely seriously injured in a football game two weeks ago, and thought to be paralyzed for life.  It put a start in everyone’s heart, especially us in Denver… since we did it to him.  Anyhow, the coach has been vehement and public in his support for the young broken player.  Last week, the Bill’s coach said

“Kevin knows that he’s a part of this team and everybody else on the team knows it, too,” Jauron said last week. “It’s the way it is and the way it’ll be. It definitely serves a purpose to keep him right in front of us in that locker room. And we’ll keep it that way.”

This was a message we all felt.  Stay strong, Kevin, America is with you.  The footage is so scary of that day.  They brought an ambulance out on the field.  I have never seen that.  Normally, when a dude gets hurt they strap them to the green tractor.  No sir, this event changed everything.  Everette went through hours of surgery, and didn’t even wake up from that football game until several days later.   Don’t worry, bro… you are always in our hearts.  Right?

Well, kinda.  Despite the Buffalo coach’s heartfelt dedication to Everette, they kinda cleaned out his locker about the day after he made that wonderful speech.  Come on,  are you kidding me?  That is the message we send to Everette, who nearly gave his life to the game?  I know it’s a business, but that’s just fucked up.

While we are talking football and health, I learned something interesting this weekend.  I had assumed that football players had some kind of health insurance for life.  Nope, far from it.  NFL players receive free health care for exactly five years after they retire.   NFL great Terrell Davis noted “I don’t need the health care now, but I am really going to when I am 50”.  Good point.   You probably don’t feel bad for Davis, thinking he is rich and on TV.   True, but what about all the dudes who simply work the offensive line?  They get hit every single play, and hard.  They don’t get shoe deals or soup deals and they aren’t on TV after they retire.
I guess my point is > Go Broncos!


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