Stop stealing music!


Ok, you don’t have to stop altogether…  just be mindful.  Firstly, don’t stop buying music all together.  Bad idea, we need music, even if they do treat us like crap.  I would say my ratio of purchase to ‘steal’ is about 50/50.  Keep in mind, this counts for things like friends burning me discs.

 See, the industry knew people would dub.   Remember your cassette collection?  It was mostly stuff from other people.  The industry had a plan for that, though.  They put a surcharge on every blank tape sold to offset the loss.  That is pretty clever, especially since blank CDs now outsell pre-produced CDs.  With the market being as global as it is, the industry can’t control the prices like they did with blank tapes.

Here is another thought, once you have downloaded what you want… MOVE IT.  You have to move it out of your shared folder immediately.  ‘Sharing’ music is what people get busted for.  What I mean by that is they haven’t sued anyone for downloading content… not one person.  They (the RIAA) sue for uploading. 

The reason for my post is that after years of the RIAA harassing college kids out of beer money… someone finally called them on it.  It went to court and the person lost BIG TIME.

This chick has to pay $220,000, because she was found guilty.  I am sure she was guilty.  You are, I am.  This is why you have to have some basic principles… don’t steal them blind.  Then, have the sense to move your music off site.  An external hard drive is like $50 for 200 gigs.  That is about four times your music collection for the price of 2 cds.

Lastly, support your band.  My band is Pearl Jam & the Grateful Dead.  I want these guys to get my money, and I want them to be rich.  I also want the record company to see I am spending money on them.  I know the guys in the Dead are all probably decently rich.  However, I still like to see them on the Forbes list of most successful bands.  It makes the suits stand back and take them seriously.


3 thoughts on “Stop stealing music!

  1. yeah…good point…MOVE IT OUT OF YOUR SHARED FOLDER SO THEY DO NOT SUE YOU…but then publish your idea on a national website.

    As the Guiness guys would say…BRILLIANT!

  2. Dear ‘Grainger’,

    Thanks for your feedback. Firstly, I would like to point out that you are a golden retriever. Secondly, shut up. I don’t appreciate dissent, comprendo?

    The site isn’t called ‘lets have a’ now is it? Nope, it’s called shut up and agree.

    Got it? Good boy!


  3. We “need” music? Perhaps. But the “music industry” we need like we all need a case of recto-oral herpes.

    If it was about “creativity” they’d be willing to do it for free.

    It’s about money. Business. Greed. All the sort of cold-hearted dollar-stuff that gets you lefty pussies in a panty-twist when it comes to other commodities like fuel (“Big Oil” anyone?), food or clothing (the evils of WalMart) or any other business enterprise not run by prominent supporters of the Democratic Party.

    Fuck the music industry. 99% of their product is crap to begin with, and the only thing you should fear is the dreadful shame of being sued for stealing something so worthless and vile in the first place. If you got pinched for stealing a truckload of fresh shit, at least you could make the argument that you were going to grow tomatoes with it. A hard-drive full of the RIAA’s goods? You deserve whatever ass-hammering they inflict.

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