Friday Fives


  1. What is your favorite (toy) stuffed animal?

I have my teddy bear from childhood.  He does not have a name, but is obviously precious to me.  Because of having various dogs over the years, I have had to do a couple of emergency re-stuffings.  This is the closest I have got to being a doctor.  Don’t worry, I am Red Cross certified for disaster services and emergency medical care. Point being, if you are ever in a house fire or tornado…  I can totally fix your teddy bear.

2.    What do you think of stuffed animals as gifts?

um… gay.

3.  What do you do with a stuffed animal you don’t want?

those go to very grateful dogs.  When I was in college, my wonderful dog Maury would remove the heads from any stuffed animals.  She would then destroy the entire stuffed animal, but always leave the head perfectly intact.  She was a lab, maybe that is some hunting thing.  Being a non hunter, I mounted the stuffed animal heads on the wall in my apartment as a trophy collection of Maury girl’s kills.   Her favorite was Harry Elephante.

4.  What are your thoughts on the whole Beanie Babies craze of the nineties?

I wish I could say it was retarded and that I am totally above that kind of crass marketing and commercialism.  However, we have a few Beenies which are totally awesome.  We have a Shannon Sharpe Denver Broncos bear, and a Jerry Garcia bear.  I think we have a few others too.  Just… don’t tell the dogs, seriously.

5.   How many stuffed animals do you own?

more than any man would ever admit to.  In total, not more than 6 or 7.  If anybody asks, they are my wife’s.  They sit in the guest room away from the dogs.  It’s nothing I would run into a fire to grab, but I assure you they will not be dog trophies.  Aw, who we kidding?  My hound dog can jump a six foot fence.  He has probably already eaten them.

have a great weekend and enjoy this perfect fall.   For my family in Phoenix … um… enjoy the different shade of brown this time of year.


One thought on “Friday Fives

  1. Uncle Kevin….
    The current stuffed animal craze and I seriously mean craze, is Webkinz. Google it and you’ll see.

    Jack and Matthew have 17 of these between them, including Beagles, A Golden, Yellow Lab, Bassett Hound, etc. We recently found a “rare” Black Lab, but Dad would not OK the indulgence. They come with a code to go online and set up a house, take care of them etc.

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