Welcome Limey Bastards


Hello to my friends across the pond.  This is Lono writing from the United States of America.  Don’t worry, we also hate Bush.  With that out of the way, I want to welcome you all to the most excellent world of ‘I am Correct’.  This is a very big launch for all of us, and I would certainly welcome airfare to the UK to celebrate.

So what exactly does this mean for you?  Well, I bought I am Correct.co.uk which is the suffix for the internet in England.  There is software that then translates all this to proper English… so they can read it over there.  Cool, huh!

 What’s next?  Probably Amsterdam.  I bet I am hilarious to stoners.

I am prepared to do my part. Here is the offer: You fly me to London (non stop, British Air) I will stop calling you ‘limey bastards’. Also, I will forgive you for James Blount. Thanks, and I look forward to a long relationship together. Long live the queen, and stuff.

* final offer: if you are willing to put up lodging for me and my crew, I will also strongly re-consider ‘limey fruits’ and ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’. Yes, I know the last one applies to France. However, we had to save both of your asses in WW2… so we lump you into the same boat.

** also, um… I would need a ‘crew’ supplied as well.


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