funny ha ha

So, an old child murdering pedophile is walking into the woods with a little boy. There is thunder and lightning and rain. It is getting dark.  The little boy looks up and says “mister, I am scared”. The guy says “You’re scared, I have to walk out of here tonight alone!”.

3 thoughts on “funny ha ha

  1. you know why pedophile humor always works… at least for me? It is one thing that every human can agree is an abomination. It is universal. Sure, you could tell blonde jokes, or pollack jokes, or ‘jews are cheap’ jokes, or any type of racism foundation. However, that isn’t universal. First off, a joke about blondes isn’t funny to blondes. It is also mean spirited. Humor shouldn’t have to be mean spirited.

    Plus, the shock value of a pedophile punch line is really impressive. This is because it is SO horrible a premise, that only a monster would joke about something like that.

    Here is another one. Wait, I better not. You aren’t ready.

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