Really good music

You may know I love music like crazy. I do. Normally, I don’t bother with that. I still write music stuff, but I keep it over here. However, I have recently discovered something that you would dig. You may know the band Barenaked Ladies. They are the Canadian wonders that have brought you more joy than you know.

Anyhow, their songwriters (Steven Page & Ed Robertson) realized that the best acoustics are in bathrooms. It’s very true. Way back in 1968 Led Zeppelin was miking their drummer in bathrooms. More recordings than you can imagine have been recorded in the bathrooms of recording studios. Their acoustics are unique.

So, the band was recording all their hits in a bathroom. Lucky for us, Ed Robertson thought to share this with us. What is left is an amazing, intimate, and real time performance of their hits. So, here is one of their biggest hits below, ‘Pinch Me’.

You can find more by going to and typing in ‘barenaked ladies bathroom. Anyhow, enjoy the relationship of a top singwriter sitting on his shitter singing his best songs.

You know, the more I think about it… that probably isn’t a search you would want to do at work.  ‘Barenaked Ladies bathroom sessions’.  In fact, if you are married… you would also be wise to probably not want to get caught searching for those words either.   So, do NOT google those words.   Well, not at work anyway.  Go to Youtube… then search those words.


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