The Cancer Chasers


Coming soon on Discovery, the ‘Cancer Chasers’. They have a film crew that follows people dying of stage five cancer and captures the drama and the heartbreak. Host F Scale says “we hope to use these deaths and catastrophes to help teach us about grieving. Yeah, people die, but it makes really great tv.”

hmm, that’s kinda fucked up… don’t you think? Educational purposes my ass, these guys are chasing human devastation for kicks. In case you aren’t aware, I am drawing an analogy to Discovery’s new ‘Storm Chasers’. I have never seen heartbreak like that of the three guys sitting in a bar learning they just missed on an F5. Tornadoes are cool, and interesting too.


I know this, because I have been in one. See these pics? That one right above this was taken by me mid-tornado as it passed over my head. You know how you are supposed to run to the basement and take cover? Yeah, I went and grabbed the camera and filmed it. Being from Phoenix, I didn’t have a lot of ‘tornado sense’. Except that one on top. That pic was taken by a friend at work of the tornado hitting my house. He didn’t even know about me, he was just taking a picture of a Tornado. At work, he showed me the next day. I was like ‘yeah, that is my house’. true story!

My concern is that this is becoming a tourist industry. Sorta like whale watching, but where the only pay off is if someone loses their house.  That ain’t right.  I’m sure, because I have watching three hours of this show now strictly for research for this piece.


One thought on “The Cancer Chasers

  1. Ok, I am a total hypocrite. I wathed about four hours of this last night. Clearly, that doesn’t fall in the range of a traditional boycott.

    Still, that scene in the bar where the guys were lamenting missing the Greenville tornado (one of the worst in the history of the world) was wrong. It wasn’t about science. It was about not getting to see all those houses launch.

    I guess my point here is that you can’t watch it because it is morally wrong. I, however, can.

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