So, the big story on the news was Dog Chapman got caught dropping N bombs. He dropped a lot of n bombs. You know me, and you know that there is nothing I abhor more than racism. You also know that I hate the N word more than any other word in the English language (except maybe math). I am not going to link to the audio out of principle, but you can find it pretty easy.

So I would not make excuses for a racist. Here is the thing; the comments were made by him to his son over the phone. The recording then was leaked. My point is this, it is not our business. Whatever he says to his family in private is not our business. If you guys only knew the shit I said about you.

So, A&E has pulled his show after this one phone call was released. That is bullshit. Dude spends his life trying to rehabilitate people. Dude gets people off meth (for whatever reason it is called ‘Ice’ on tv). That is pretty great. Without question, he deserves the benefit of the doubt by the public. Sure, dude can be a little annoying. Sure, Dog’s biggest fan is himself. Still, why are we so quick to turn on celebs?

Dog took down Andrew Luster, America’s Most Wanted serial rapist. Racism is bad, kids, but rape is worse. Personally, I don’t do either. I don’t even joke about that shit.

Also, what he said to his family in confidence is SO not our business. I am a very firm believer in the concept that you don’t do your dirty laundry in public. Remember that Alec Baldwin tape of him mouthing off to his daughter? Also, not our business. Plus, he never swore at the kid or hit her. Plus, she was being a little shit.

Now, if someone is going all Brittney Spears on their kids… the public should get involved. Remember when CU President defended the C word? ‘Member? She did that in PUBLIC and didn’t get fired. The moral is this, do yourself a favor. Banish both the ‘c’ word and the ‘n’ word from your vocabs. Why? Because I am going to start recording our conversations, you fags.*

* get it? that was hyperbole for effect, you tards.


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