I’m going to go all high level on your asses, so get ready.  This will be especially poignant now that all the talk shows are silenced by the writers strike.  I’d like to courageously take on the topic of airport security.

I was flying this week, and so got reminded of  all the new rules.  You can’t bring knives on board.  Ok, seems reasonable.  You can’t bring liquids on board, because someone almost made a gatorade bomb.  Don’t worry, it didn’t work.  You have to take your shoes off because there was almost a shoe bomb.  Almost, but it didn’t work.  Seriously, does this dude look like any kind of mastermind?


Couple of thoughts here; these exclusions would not have stopped the hijacking from September 11th.  Those attacks were done with ceramic (clay) boxcutter-type knives.  See, they wouldn’t show up under the metal detector.  Very clever, and still not stoppable if it were to happen today.   We do not have a ‘no pottery’ law, but might as well.

 The only thing we have in place now that we didn’t have then that would make a difference is air marshalls and secured cockpit doors.  As for the secured doors, Ralph Nader told us to do this decades ago.

My second concern is this >  What if someone comes up with an ‘eyeglasses’ bomb?  Or, what if someone comes up with a ‘pants bomb’?  Even if it never blew up, you do realize that we would have to fly without pants or eyeglasses.  Maybe that is a good thing.  If you are next to me pantless, I don’t want my eyeglasses.  In fact, if that situation comes up, I don’t want to see myself pantless.


3 thoughts on “security

  1. Yeah! Agree with the pants part, for you anyway…

    As a road warrior (stupid job makes me travel at least 3 out of 4 weeks a month), I hear ya. However, the shoe bomber was probably much more intelligent not to mention smarter looking than the TSA folks and the US gov in general. Did you take a gander at them? IF they had teeth and IF they were wearing pants as you mentioned, that is the exception to the rule across the US. How in the hell are we supposed to feel safe when the people screening us are retarded?

    I’ve learned to except the fact that the screening process is the joke and thankfully I usually travel smaller planes. Viva la Gatorade!!!

  2. here is something scary to think about, plastic explosives don’t show up in metal detectors or x-rays (the reason the do the shoes is to see if there is a compartment made in the heel not for actual expolosives) and you can make what ever you want out of that stuff. So what is going to stop someone from making a belt out of it, or a necklace.. you get my point. All the crap that they make you do is nothing but postering because more then likely they can sneak what ever they want on board to do it, and what they are searching for is not something as dangerous as more serious threats… nail clippers, come on now…

  3. What if one of the terrorist tries to build a ‘dork bomb’? I would never get through screening. What if there was a ‘virgin bomb’, surely I wouldn’t ever get to fly again?

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