the new boss


You know what happens when you ask a kid to do something?  The kid says “you’re not the boss of me!”  Generally speaking, that kid would be right… as I have no children.  Not many people get to tell me what to do, either.  Unless you are my mother or my wife or my boss, you can’t tell me what to do.

This is how I feel about companies, too.  I don’t trust a single word any company says on a commercial.  They are all lies.  If they weren’t lies, they wouldn’t need to tell you.  I could claim that this site is “America’s most read site” and that would be true, partially.  The reality of the statement would be “America’s most read site by retarded monkeys who also have internet access for some reason.”

You get my point.  There is one company who I allow to make suggestions for me, though.  Consumer Reports.  Why?  Two reasons, they have been around forever and they are non profit.  Did you know that?  CR is non-profit.  So, there is no incentive for them to bash or promote a brand.  Also, they do NOT allow their name to be used for endorsement… no exceptions.  So, if CR says “Roy is an asshole” or “Don’t buy a Suzuki Samuri”… I am inclined to take them at their word.

So, who doesn’t get to tell me what to do?  JD Power, that’s who.  Who are they?  What is their deal?  Why does every company go apeshit over JD Power?  JD Power is a McGraw Hill company.  Know who that is?  They are high finance company:  mergers, acquisitions, & arms dealing.  What this means to me is that they are not looking out for your best interest.  They are looking out for McGraw Hill.


2 thoughts on “the new boss

  1. Hey buddy, just wanted to drop you a line to say I haven’t forgotten you 🙂

    Do you read Consumerist at all? I like skimming it now and then, it always has the most interesting revelations about the ways companies try to scam people and ways to get the best response/service from them.

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