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Good morning.  I was reading about the writers strike this morning, and something occured to me.  You know about the Hollywood writers’ strike, right?  All production of all things have shut down:  movies, talk shows, sit coms, and even awards shows.  The last strike about twenty years ago lasted 26 weeks, and it is expected this one will possibly last longer.  Dudes are so far apart from an agreement that they aren’t even meeting anymore.

What does that mean to you?  Well, you can’t tune into the Daily Show, SNL, or Letterman for thoughtful, topical zaniness.  So, who then is left to enterain you.  You got it, bubba…  me.  That’s right, the ball is in my court now, and I have some demands from you.  Else?  I walk with my slightly better paid bretheren at the Writers Guild.

It is really only one concern, that we end this strike before the Lost season gets canceled.  They have eight of the sixteen planned episodes in the can.  Since the strike, they (like every other show on television) have stopped production.  Also, power to the people and stick it to the man etc etc etc.


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