Friday Fives


1. Have you ever stayed in a hostel? If so, where? Did you like it? If you haven’t stayed in a hostel, would you?

      Yes, in London.   We weren’t looking for a multi-cultural experience, we were just cheap.  At the time (as is now), one American dollar was only worth half an English pound.  We were paying like $7 a beer.  I believe the American dollar is now the lowest it has been in generations.  That’s some fine work, Mr President.

     The hostel wasn’t cheap, either.  I think it was about $60 a night for a bunk in  a room with 15 other people.  One great memory of that is the wife and I playing scrabble with some dude who did not speak English.   We got all liquored up together and he taught us German and we taught him English.  And no, we didn’t cheat.  I think we just made up swear words.
2. What is your favorite airport that you’ve been to? Why?

    I really like our airport here in Denver.  I think it is laid out nicely, and intuitively.  Worst airport?  Dulles sucks ass!  The don’t have concourses.  You have to take these stinky and uncomfortable people movers to each plane. 
3. What is the best museum you have visited on vacation?

    It was a museum in London, but I don’t remember the name.  It was cool because at one point in time, England ruled the entire world.  There is a phrase ‘the sun never sets on the Union Jack’.  What that means is that back then, England ran so much of the population that it was always daytime somewhere.  This is why they call themselves the ‘United Kingdon’.  It’s funny, because the UK now makes up about as much earth as Rhode Island.  I digress.

    This museum was awesome because they had everything from history.  I mean, history is England… and they took everything.  We got to see the Rosetta Stone, which represents a profound moment in the history of human kind.  I had joked with the wife that the museum should be called ‘shit we stole, and we ain’t giving back’.
4. Have you ever made friends while traveling whom you keep in touch with on a regular basis?

    Almost, does that count?  I mean, many great friends… but sadly none we keep in touch with.  There was this great couple we hung out with in Spain.  They were from Italy and we had so much fun together.  We promised to keep in touch, and wanted to stay with them in Italy.  We exchanged e mail addys, and the one he gave me bounced.  I totally felt like a spurned lover.  So, if you are out there Marco…
5. Have you ever had a conversation with a seatmate on a plane?

    sure, haven’t you?  I don’t anymore, though.  I put the iPod on and disappear.  I have this song that I always listen to on a plane, and you should too.  It is ‘City of Blinding Lights’ from U2.  It makes me happy and misty.  When I hear it on the radio (which is rare), I always imagine myself in a plane looking down at the little tiny lights of town as we fly over.  Also, because of this sacred association, I don’t ever listen to the song when I am not flying.  That song is reserved.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fives

  1. These are WAY cooler than Roy’s questions. Sometimes I really wonder about that guy. . ..

    1. I’ve never stayed in a hostel–by the time I finally got to travel extensively I was doing it on other people’s money, meaning nice hotels. I don’t foresee myself doing the backpack/stoner thing at any time in the future. I’m too old and spoiled.

    2. I’ve seen a lot of airports around the globe, and I’d have to say I err on the side of efficiency over beauty. For example, DIA and Madrid’s Barajas are both huge and beautiful but you wind up walking miles to find or change planes. I prefer an airport like Munich, where everything is efficient–you can make an international connection in 30 minutes, with time for a beer. That’s impossible in most places.

    3. Either Tate Modern in London (for the overwhelming collection), or the Holocaust Museum in Berlin (architecturally overwhelming and stirring).

    4. Interestingly, other than “single serving friends” with whom one pals with for a day, no real bonds have been formed.

    5. I usually say hello, and then don’t talk again until an hour before landing. That way I can find out all about them, but aren’t trapped for 10 hours in the event I can’t stand them. I can’t say I’ve ever met any seatmates who were fascinating.

  2. agreed on Dulles, I was never on a flight out of there that was on time. Terrible, terrible airport. Austing Bergstrom is the best one I have ever had, it is so easy to get to your plane there

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