As mentioned earlier, I am keeping a politics only blog up there on the right (Election 2008 tab). I was going to post this there, but it needs a wider audience. This story, America, is going on the main page. This story needs all 4 readers, and don’t forget we are now international.

You know Dennis Kucinich, right? He is the little golum guy who is running for president. His discussions are actually really insightful. Problem is, he really does look like a hobbit.


That being said, something bigger is at play. I can’t take credit for discovering this. The Daily Show pointed this out. We need to discuss his wife. Ready? I don’t think you are. Normally, I don’t post many pics here. I find them cheap visuals which distract from the awesomeness of my words. Often, though, a great picture really ties the whole thing together. This is one of those piece. Holy shit, his wife is crazy serious dangerous hot.


wtf? She is more than hot. Look closely at that Mona Lisa smile. This girl has self confidence. There is nothing more hot than a gal with self confidence. Ok, there is. A redhead who is hot who has that quiet self confidence. I too was traumatized. I am not proud of it, but I openly admit I have done more than one google image search on the words ‘elizabeth kucinich nude’. Though sexist, it raises this question; has a first lady, or even potential first lady EVER been desired nekkid?  Honestly.  Think about this people.  Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush… I’d rather turn gay than see those fine women nekkid.  That is ok, though.  They are community and cultural leaders.  Their purpose in life isn’t for my jollies.  However, we may now have one who can serve both those needs.  In case you are as suspicious as me, here is one of several pictures together.




Is that a silk choker? Are you kidding me? She has a tatoo on the small of her back, doesn’t she? Shit, she does. You can tell me. I mean, just look at her. She is into all that dirty freaky hillshire sex.  You have to believe me that I am only one more bottle of wine away from photoshopping my face over his in that photo above.   Aw… who are we kidding?   He is just a slightly older and slightly uglier version of me.

It is something. They really seem like a genuinely happy couple. If you google image stalk her, as I have… you will notice she is always keen to follow the camera with her eyes. My only possible assesment is that there are no mirrors on the Kucinich household. This means, he has no idea how ugly he is… and she has no idea how hot she is. What say you, America?

In closing, a totally safe for work google image search on her royal hotness. Enjoy, and most importantly… VOTE. Vote for Kucinich, if he is still in the race… so we can get four more years of his hot ass wife.


2 thoughts on “Kucinich

  1. Did you catch The Daily Show when they reran clips from a debate, where the cameraman kept panning back to Kucinich’s wife. It was hilarious! Bill Richardson was speaking and the camera was on Kucinich’s wife.

  2. I love it, I did a google search for “Elizabeth Kucinich naked” and found a blog post devoted to that exact term. How I love the internet.

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