Friday Fives


1. what is your coldest memory?

a couple of years ago, my truck broke down on a cold winter night. Turns out the fuel heater shorted out. What is what? I now know it is a heating element that sits in the diesel fuel to keep it from turning into vaseline when it is cold out. Well, that night… the cold won. It was negative ten degrees out, and I was without a vehicle. I didn’t have to walk far, only a block or so. However, I remember that my cheeks and nose hurt, and it hurt to breathe. That freaked me out.

2. what is your personal ‘room temperature’?

72. I believe that technically room temp is 68, but I like warm. I am from Phoenix, so I don’t do cold so well. Side note: can we dish about red wine? You have heard that red wine should be served at room temperature.

That is a European reference, where room temp is low 60s. Take this super sweet rule to heart. I heard it on a show and have lived by it. It is called the 20 minute rule, and you are welcome in advance. 20 minutes before you serve a white wine, take it out of the fridge. 20 minutes before you serve a red wine, put it in the fridge.

3. what is your warmest/ hottest memory?

Man, I have to reference my entire childhood. In Phoenix, it really is as hot as you hear it is. It really gets to a 120 degrees out, and not rain for months. I never used AC in my cars, there. There wasn’t a point to me to be out in the 120 heat, then 8 cool minutes in the car, then 4 minutes out in the 120 heat. I kept my windows down and dug the ‘breeze’. Also, my cars were all so shitty and old that using AC would generally overheat the engine.

I wouldn’t live there again, but it wasn’t bad. I was always warm and always tan. That ain’t a bad way to go through life, broseph.

4. at the end of this crazy road, assuming you have a choice – what city/ climate will you choose, and why?

Well, San Diego tickles me. I understand it’s like 75 degrees year ’round. WAY too expensive, though. I would have to go with Mexico. A tropical beach spot about half way down on the Pacific side.

5. Would you rather…. Lick a flag pole, ala Christmas Story, or jump in an icy lake, ala the Polar Bear Club.

without question, the tongue thing. I have seen that movie about 40 times, and of course own it. Like Princess Bride, I have most of the dialogue memorized. “Only, I didn’t say fudge. I said the other word. You know, the holy mother of all bad words.” That being said, I have analyzed that scene with flick too many times to count. I think there would be an easy way out to the flagpole thing. Simply pour hot water over said toungue.

Granted, you may not have hot near boiling water on you while walking though the snow… but you ain’t gonna lose a tongue.



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