What’s this new mess?


In a constant effort to make your reading experience a better one, and I am totally serious about that, I am playing around with the formats. I am constantly looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing, without being too distracting. I want the page to flow nicely, but not distract from the words. I have put my editor ‘little hoff’ on the grand quest to make this the best place ever.

I have tried a few things. The background is subtly different, and knowing me likely to change about twice a year. I finally got my ‘link’ issues squared away and up again. I am hoping to get the archives fixed to link to my old blogger posts from here (everything written from 2003 to 2007). It’s not very good, but neither is this stuff… I just format better.

Normally here, I would solicit your feedback. Problem is, the last reader who wrote me called me out thusly:

You must be from boulder you ignorant liberal hosehound. Its sad how you would vote for the best speaker even when they are dumping mounds of poo down your penus sucking throat.

Seriously, I just got that feedback last night on my election page (see tab above). Don’t worry, I responded… but you gotta go read the election post to see that gem. Still am confused, though. I mean, I get the ‘penus sucking throat’ comment. It means all Democrast are gay. Ok, if we take that as bible… then all Republicans can’t spell ‘penus’. Next, he calls me a shit eater. Fine, really… I mean, true is true. What really hurts, though, is this: ‘hosehound’? I mean, I am confident he is working to insult me. I am also remarkable at being insulted. However, a common lexicon of suckitude must be used between aggrieved parties, you Wiggam.


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