It finally happened!


We have joked about this for years. Heck, just last week I was right here writing about it in the Fives. It is perhaps the single greatest urban legend in history. What happens when you stick your tongue to a pole in Winter. We all know someone who says they have seen it. It is the ‘friend of a friend’ story.

No one will touch it, though. Where is snopes on this? How about Mythbusters? Cowards, all of them! Will anyone take ball and run with this? Thankfully, two brave… and mildly retarded, school boys took one for the team. Yup. They stuck their tongues to the frozen flagpole. Yup, their toungues got stuck. Yup, their tongues are still bleeding.

“I decided to try it because I thought all of the TV shows were lies, but turns out I was wrong,” Gavin said.

That is some fine work, there, Gavin. The future toilet scrubbers of America are looking for an ambassador. The best part of this story is that there were two of them. Did they do it at exactly the same time? Or, did perhaps one go first and the other one didn’t believe him? Do you remember when your mother warned you against peer pressure? She said: well, if Tim jumped off the empire state building… would you do that too?
Well, I think we have a new paradigm for parents. Next time your kid says something stupid, you drop this on him:
Well, if Gavin Dempsey stuck his toungue to the flagpole, would you?

I would kill or die for a photo of this event, but we’ll just have to use our imagination.


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