I am going to start off black history month with a piece on that great bastion of multiculturalism… golf. You may be thinking that golf is a bastion of elitist white bastards. Good news, you would be correct. So, does Tiger running the game better it? Not according to the commentators. Lemme tell you what happened. About a month ago, a couple of golf reporters (er.. white folks) made a controversial comment. The guy commentator said “what do you do to be beat Tiger Woods if you are in this tournament”. I could explain, but let’s let them:

Tilghman and analyst Nick Faldo were discussing possible challengers to Woods when Faldo suggested the players gang up on Woods.

“Lynch him in a back alley,” Tilghman said, laughing.

I think the most troubling part of that is the laughing. I guess it’s all good and fun because she didn’t drop an n bomb. Well, good news. It gets weirder and more tasteless. Since this happened, there has understandably a hubbub.  Not just because that wasn’t t classy thing to say, but because the best golfer in history turns out out to be a black dude.  So, how does the golf community broach such a seriously sensitive topic?  I am glad you asked, because they put a noose on their cover.  This is not a photoshoppe, below.


Wow.  I mean, just wow.  In all my considerable powers of wit and exposition, I am rendered speechless.  Black America, please allow us to apologize.


One thought on “racist

  1. Imagine the geniuses who came up with this, sitting around the table throwing out ideas, and this is what they settled on?

    Also, I think Faldo is from South Africa.

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