Why I want you to vote Barack Obama on Tuesday


I am speaking right now to Democrats.

I think we can agree that we all want to see a Democrat in the White House next year. In fact, I think we all agree we need a Democrat in the White House next year. My concern is how can we best do that. I believe that Hillary and Barack both have good intentions, and both would be good presidents. I will not tell you my personal leaning, but I do have one. Personally, I support Barack Obama because I think he is the better candidate and better person.

Normally, I would tell you it is ok if you are wrong, and how I still want you to vote and participate in Democracy. Normally. Normally, I would not tell you who to vote for. However, after 2004, it is clear you can not be allowed to make such a fragile decision for yourself or us. We have to look down the road to November of 2007 and see who is more electable… Barack or Hillary? Who is less objectionable? This is where we get to the meat of my story.

For some reason, people hate Hillary Clinton. They hate her like I have never seen. I don’t know why that is. You know your Republican friends, they all say it. Know you what I heard on talk radio today? I heard the expression ‘Hillary-care’ meant to be a slander against Democratic lead health care. I guarantee you that any person on the planet who uses a term like ‘Hillary-care’ has health care… and so can afford to mock.

They hate her, and they would never ever vote for her. Admit it. I am not happy about this. You have to ask yourself what is more odious to Republican Americans: a black guy, or a successful and opinionated woman? I would have thought they were more scared of black guys, but they aren’t. There is nothing more terrifying to a Republican than a woman running the country.

This is why I want you to vote for Barack Obama tomorrow. Not only do I believe he is an outstanding candidate, he absolutely stands the best chance of winning in November. This isn’t just anecdotal, I went to an Obama rally last week with a Republican. The people both in front of me AND behind me were also Republicans, but wanted to hear his message. I can bet you there wasn’t a single registered Republican at the Hillary rally. If the GOP found out about that, they would take away all your NRA stickers.

Caucus info:

important, see links below to find out where your caucus is. It may not be where you last voted. Also, in our district at least, the Dems and GOP caucus in different location. It is all county based, and to vote in the primary tomorrow you have to be a registered member of that party since December 5th. It looks like if you are in Arizona you are a primary and not a caucus. Be glad, a primary simply means you vote and go. A caucus is a weird meeting where everyone stands in a corner waiting to be counted.

In closing, I update election info almost daily right here.

Here is where to go for Colorado Democrats

Here is where to go for Arizona Democrats

Here is where to go for all Republicans



3 thoughts on “Why I want you to vote Barack Obama on Tuesday

  1. I am not so convinced that the democrats won’t shoot them selves in the foot again (I can still barely walk after the last two elections). The question for me is “Does Barak have enough charisma to withstand the attacks of lack of experience?” I think he does, so Lono, you are correct. I used to think that it would be impossible for this country to elect another republican, but McCain is a real threat. My question to Lono and others is which running mate makes Barak the most electable?

  2. running mate? well, it’s too early to think about that… but I will. Well, it couldn’t be another black person… that would just totally freak people out. If he picks Bill Richardson (Dem gov of New Mexico, and very brief Presidential Candidate), he gets the latino vote almost automatically. Plus, that represents the entire Southwest… historically ignored.

    plus, apparently Richardson has some diplomat experience. I think that would be the most savvy choice.

    that being said, who would I like in a perfect world? John Edwards.

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