The John McCain ‘Scandal’


Are you aware of the John McCain ‘scandal‘?  It is a story about a young attractive lobbyist he has been spending a lot of time around.  His aids ‘aren’t concerned about immorality, but the perception of’ and so have publicly warned him to begin distancing himself from her.  It’s a sham, I guarantee it.

First off, him hanging out with a chick is neither suspcious nor immoral.  I think this is a story that his camp leaked in order to change the public’s perspective on John McCain.  Many see him as a dottering old man.  Now, he is the playah who just may be a dirty old bastard too.  It’s a brilliant re-invention of their candidate.  The faithful will know there is not proof, and so will dismiss it.  Now he is the hot topic around water coolers on an TV again.  He is getting a million miles of free airtime over this.

The implication is dude can not just defend our country, but can still get it up.  It is well played, but it is a red herring.  In military parlance, this is a false flag operation.

There is no scandal.  There is nothing to see here.  Keep moving, folks.


5 thoughts on “The John McCain ‘Scandal’

  1. This is an interesting spin that I hadn’t thought! It would be pure genius, even I was looking at McCain in a new light when I saw how young she was.

  2. So when I was back in Phoenix for the Holidays, I spent a night at the Democratic Party’s Holiday gathering. There were only around 20 people there, but the mention of McCain would bring a swift death. And I thought, the dems were a prude bunch that night. I just realized, I am going nowhere with this.

  3. I also apploud your innovative perspective on this but you also must keep in mind that it came from the NY Times who raises aruments in favor of Ahmadinejad… Its a backball campaign, same as the one General Hillary is trying on Obama

  4. FYI: You know I am a huge Bill Maher fan. He opened his show last night voicing the very same sentiments as you. That this story was created by the McCain camp to bolster his image. Funny

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