Friday Fives


1. What is the earliest movie you remember watching in the theater?

Star Wars, vaguely. Also remember seeing the first Indiana Jones movie, and that boulder rolling towards the screen. Also always caught the new Bond movies when I was young. Guess I am a sucker for action.

2. If you could strike one word from the English language, which
word would you choose and why?

we already answered this, but since my answer hasn’t changed… it bears repeating. I don’t care for the ‘n’ word… nigger. there is no use for it, and at no point in time should any human use it.

3. If you were a superhero, what would be your kryptonite?

nothing, that is why I am a superhero and you are a puny suffering human. I am flawless, I am a god! I am short, fat, bald near sighted, and flat footed. Now, that is a superhero!

4. Would you rather win an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Golden Globe, Oscar, Pulitzer, or Nobel Prize? What work would you win it for?

the one for writing. As a musician, I know the grammy is nice but not particularly valued. It doesn’t carry the prestige of an Oscar. So, what is the ultimate honor for a book, then? Well, for the kind of books that shaped me, the answer is ‘banned’!

5. What is your catch phrase? Don’t have one? Then make one up!

sweet bippity bop! Don’t believe me? See what happens if you click here


One thought on “Friday Fives

  1. Anyone who uses the word “bippity” in any sort of phrase MUST wear tie dyes and burkenstocks. I am sad that you weren’t shot at last years gun show.

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