What you should know about Obama


I was watching the Democratic debate the other night.  Not for long, as it was pointless and boring.  Know what I noticed, though?  Barack Obama is a lefty!  Do you know what that means?  You should, because it means a lot!

It means he is right brained.  It means he is creative, and at least a little strange.  It means he doesn’t think like you do.  Your mind thinks in algorithms (formulas), whereas our mind thinks in hueristics (ideas).  See, I too am a lefty.  It is my favorite thing about myself, seriously.  I believe it is one of the single biggest determinants of my personality.  If you know me, and had one word to describe… it would probably be ‘weird’.  I am cool with that.  It is because I am a lefty (and grew up under power lines eating paint).

In business you hear the cliche ‘thinking out of the box’ a lot.  That is the best layman’s description of how we operate.  This totally excites me, and it is a good thing.  Lefty president’s aren’t that unusual, either.  Clinton was a lefty.  Hendrix was a lefty.  Martin Luther King jr was a lefty.  Of course, so was Hitler.



4 thoughts on “What you should know about Obama

  1. 7% of the population is left handed…which means only 7% are right brained. Your analogy means 93% of the world is math based and analytical. By the way Bush is right handed, which proves your ludicrous theory wrong.

  2. great answer, racist. However, that kind of small mindedness and predictability are exactly what we would expect of a right handed simpleton.

    I could explain how wrong you were, but it would scramble your little brain. Don’t make me send Tom Cruise down there. Yup, he’s lefty too… and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Xenu, bubba.

    I’d have someone else start your car for a week or two.

  3. You didn’t pick up on that until now? I thought that was why you supported him initially. Did you also know he is a smoker? Hence the blue lips…

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